Your hair during pregnancy will be thicker than your usual hair if you are not pregnant. These changes are normal because most of your hormones are with your body. Pregnancy hormones such as cortisone increase hair growth. If you are pregnant, do not worry if you notice any changes. Some women even develop excessive hair growth, such as on the chin, on the legs, arms, etc. But this hair growth will return to normal and normal postpartum growth, with an estimated period of six months.

Your hair will grow quickly during pregnancy because it stays longer than normal during rest and the hair does not fall out. This makes it fuller and thicker. If you are pregnant, you can do several things to keep your hair healthy. One tip to keep your hair healthy during your pregnancy is to eat fruits and vegetables. This also promotes hair growth and protection. Use combs with large teeth to prevent hair loss. And gentle strokes or comb strokes should be followed strictly. Avoid tight pigtails and tight braids, causing you to stretch and strip your hair. Do not use dryers and other equipment, natural drying is recommended. If you have unwanted hair growth, you can use wax, shave and tweeze, all of which are safe. Remember that you should avoid bleach and other depilatories as they can harm you. Finally, read what happens to your hair during pregnancy so that you fully understand the natural changes that happen to you.

The best protection

But now you have to go back to the real world without bursting your dream bubble. Now that you have born, there is another person to be cared for besides the chores that need to be done. The opportunity to return to work may well be in the back of my head, but first things first. Above all else, you need to return to your old self before pregnancy. You need to get rid of the extra pounds you are putting on and be back in your best functional shape to perform tasks that you have postponed because of a pregnancy.

You may be surprised that your shower drain will one day be blocked due to hair loss. Have no fear. Hair loss is pretty natural after pregnancy. But that does not mean you have to take it for granted. When you go back to work, it’s best to shine. No salon accident with bald spots on the whole head. Before you freak out, you know that there are many effective ways you can stop losing hair after pregnancy.

From hair care reviews protect your hair during pregnancy

  • Avoid hairstyles as much as possible that require some kind of pulling or stretching. It may seem difficult to work with long hair around the house, so choose a shorter haircut instead. Of course, the hair that is constantly being strained is likely to fall off. Avoiding such styles can ward off the bald head
  • Make sure you include essential vitamins and nutrients with a healthy diet. This is not only good for getting back into shape after the natural stress of pregnancy, but also for pampering your curls. It guarantees that the new growth has all the nutrients it needs to get back the shine and power it had before the baby.
  • Use a wide tooth comb. Your body has undergone many physical changes because you have given your child nutrients. The same change led to the brittle hair you have now. The use of a wide tooth comb minimizes the risk that your already brittle hair is pulled too hard.

Hair Care reviews

According to many Hair Care reviews There are many more ways you can lose hair after pregnancy, such as routine haircuts or avoiding stress. All this is great for you. But the bottom line is, the key to stopping hair loss is taking care of yourself and your body.

Final thought

After all, are you tired of having hair loss, thinning hair and prematurely gray hair, and you may have tried everything to revitalize your hair, but with no lasting result? If you have exhausted all possibilities and still have no solutions for your hair loss, then look for the best hair cream or over the counter product that can work to cure your problem.



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