As far as weight loss goes, you won’t be able to escape meal replacement smoothies. One on the part, that’s because those meal replacement firms that have been in existence for a long time, like herbalife, make it a point of duty to ensure their products reach a wide audience – so market effectively.

On the other hand, you’ll probably know one or more people who swear by these products – but if they’ve always seemed too expensive to try, sit tight because some products only have better brand names – not quality – than others.

So you’ll be looking at a vega one protein vs herbalife review – essentially a new versus old – to see whether you can still get all the benefits of herbalife without the costs or compromise to your lifestyle.

What Is Vega One?

Vega One

Vega one, as the name implies, is a vegetarian friendly meal replacement shake designed by the sports nutritionist Brendan Brazier. She has published best-selling books about nutrition for elite athletes, so this shake, while friendly towards vegans can also be consumed by non-vegans. Now because you get better nutrients from whole foods, vega one has come up with ingredients strictly derived from whole plants.

What Is Herbalife?

Herbalife is one of the oldest meal replacement shakes in the world, they began operating almost 40 years ago, and as such are considered one of the forerunners in meal replacement smoothies and shakes. They’re known for using soy protein as the ingredient in their shake particularly the popular formula 1 meal replacement shake.

Vega One Protein Vs Herbalife

Vega One Ingredients

Vega one protein is gotten from organic plant ingredients – so that’s pea protein, organic pumpkin seed protein and organic sunflower seed protein. All their ingredients have been certified organic by the USDA.

You get 50% of your recommended daily intake for 8 minerals and vitamins. You also get fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as over 2 billion bacillus coagulans probiotics in each serving.

Observe that vega one is also Non GMO verified, vegan certified, gluten free and low glycemic as it has been made without soy or dairy ingredients. For sweetener, vega one use natural stevia (it would be almost impossible to drink all that greens without some sweetener).

Note that this is a VERY GREEN shake, so don’t be surprised by the color. However, the color is natural, and not artificial, mostly due to added broccoli, kale, spirulina (all organic).

Herbalife Ingredients

As seen earlier, herbalife’s chief ingredient is soy protein – which is considered cheap and highly likely to trigger allergic reactions. And even though the protein source is cheap, you only get 9 grams per serving.

So in terms of serving as a meal replacement shake, herbalife ingredients are wholly lacking and should be supplemented with actual food. It also doesn’t have the impressive resume vega one protein ingredients have. They make no qualms about using artificial and genetically modified ingredients like corn bran.

Each weight loss smoothie contains a staggering 9 grams of sugar – so you get just as much sugar as protein.


Older firms tend to inflate the price of their products to include the brand name of the firm. So you might not be paying for better quality ingredients if you don’t go through what they’re selling. The large tub of a vega one all-in-one shake (which has about 22 servings) is worth $59.99, or $2.72 per serving.

Herbalife users say their $39 formula one lasts just 2 weeks – so approximately 14 servings, give or take. That’s about $2.78 per serving. And this price no one needs to tell you that vega one provides more value for money – their ingredients are organic, their protein is of high quality and they minimize their use of artificial ingredients. Herbalife however is more corporate, what with their stocks on NYSE, hence their bottom line is more important to them. And that’s reflected in the quality of ingredients they use.

Consistency & Taste

If a meal replacement smoothie doesn’t appeal to your taste buds, you’re going to dump it before you even reach the middle. Due to the high sugar content (9 grams per serving), and use of easy to mix soy protein, Herbalife has been rated more favorably, in terms of taste and consistency, by their users.

Vega one, even with stevia, isn’t as tasty – just really healthy. Moreover, pea protein doesn’t have the creamy consistency you’d find in herbalife. If you’re going for value, not taste, then vega one’s your shake of choice, but you may need to constantly motivate yourself to drink it.


Herbalife comes in strictly kosher, wild berry canister, allergen-free vanilla, French vanilla, Dutch chocolate and a slew of other flavors. Vega one comes in vanilla chai, berry, French vanilla, chocolate and a few others.

Bottom line

Most people who end up choosing one or the other based on the type of lifestyle they want to live. Sweet tooths who only worry about short-term benefits favor herbalife, while those who care about long-term benefits, mother earth and not so much about taste, choose for vega one. What do you care about?

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