Thrive is a diet shake offered by an American health and wellness company called Le-Vel. It has numerous benefits related to weight loss such as: maintaining high energy, boosting metabolism, etc. It is an excellent product that enables you to manage your diet comfortably. Because this excellent diet shake works quite effectively, scheduling your exercises and dietary intake has never been easier. 

Thrive Shake Ingredients

Thrive shake includes a wide variety of ingredients which aid in boosting physical health, loading up on antioxidants, and anti-aging. The principal component is Garcinia Cambogia which is proven to be helpful in weight loss by reducing appetite and boosting metabolism. It includes oat fiber, which provides the soluble fiber content needed for the body. It also contains natural caffeine that stimulates the central nervous system and keeps you active throughout the day, providing the much-needed energy boost required to do exercise. 

The diet shake has a protein mix of soy protein and whey protein, which provides the protein sources meant to help build muscle while reducing fat. Each serving gives you 15g of protein. The protein contained in this shake is low in calories and hence keeps your calorie intake in check. It gives you about 100 calories per serving which is the right range to keep your energy high 

Chromium, an essential trace mineral required for the body is also present in the diet shake. Chromium facilitates the fat-burning processes in the body. It has lipase 1000, an enzyme which helps in breaking down the fat molecules in the body.  

Rice bran boosts cardiovascular health and is known to play a role in proper digestion. The diet shake also supplements essential vitamins such as thiamine and minerals such as iron, which may be deficient in the regular diet. It also has cinnamon bark extracts which is able to reduce blood sugar levels and can help suppress appetite.  

Thrive also has the right amount of minerals such as iodine, zinc, copper, magnesium, and calcium which allows you to take all the essential nutrients required for the daily growth and development of your body. 

How Thrive Shake WorksHow Thrive Shake Works

Thrive diet shake has excellent fat-burning qualities. It helps achieve this by means of thermogenesis, i.e., by increasing the body temperature to optimum levels by which fat-burning enzymes such as lipase are known to work more efficiently. Thus, fat molecules are broken down into their minor constituents and get converted into energy during exercise.  

Also, this diet shake has Garcinia extracts which act as an excellent fat binder. Fat binding is the process in which fat molecules are lumped together so that they don’t get absorbed by the small intestine but are instead passed through the digestive system and excreted by the body as stool.  

Consumption of fibrous content such as oat helps in reducing appetite by absorbing water and keeping the stomach fuller. It takes a longer amount of time to process the fiber and hence food cravings are reduced to a great extent. Ingredients like cinnamon bark extract help in lowering blood sugar levels.  

Weight loss is also achieved by boosting metabolism which results in the cells working harder to burn fat. This aids in the targeted faster reduction of fat and high energy burning rate. 


Thrive diet shake comes in various flavors such as strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. It also comes with a deliciously sweet taste, which is why it’s easy to drink. It takes little time to prepare the shake, and you can take the mix to your office, gym, etc. so that you get your nutrition at all times. One scoop of this dietary shake can be used with any drink such as milk, water, etc. and it should be consumed twice a day.  

It comes in attractive packages with an affordable price option. The consumer has the option to select one month, three month or six-month packaging depending on the weight loss plan. 


This diet shake has various benefits compared to other products in the market. The product has a unique combination of low sugar, right amount of fiber and protein and low-calorie count. It is wholly natural and far more effective in achieving your weight loss targets.

It is a meal replacement product and hence can be substituted for breakfast without any side effects. It enables you to maximize your exercise output and increase your gain multifold in a shorter period.  

Possible Side effects 

Since Thrive diet shake is an entirely natural product, there are no associated side effects. The product has been tested rigorously in various science labs and has been proven to be beneficial to improving overall physical health and body mass.



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